Deal of the Century

What if I could guarantee you that during your next political discussion, one of two things will happen. Either, 1) you’ll be able to demonstrate that the person you’re talking to won’t actually know what they are talking about and you can inwardly rejoice because you’ve known all along they are just an idiot, or 2) they will give you a piece of information you hadn’t actually considered and you’ll be better informed – and be able to retain all the moral high ground you could ever grow crops on.

And, not only that! What if I told you that you can come out of these conversations having avoided an argument, and feeling significantly less stress?

There is a skill set for this. I should sell it to you for millions of dollars, but tonight it’s free:

1) Ask for clarification. Example: can you tell me more about why you feel that way?

2)Rephrase and repeat: Example: so if I’m understanding correctly, you’re saying that…?

3) Reflect their emotions. Example: it sounds like this is something you’re very passionate about.

4) Repeat

This is a revolutionary skill set “listening”. It’s new, and very few people know about it. Get in on the ground floor NOW, and you won’t regret it.

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